Our Team

We have seven professional members of staff with a broad range of knowledge and experience of living with a disability. We work as a team and have regular meetings to keep up with the rapidly-changing situations we are all facing. That way we can offer the best service to our clients with disabilities, long term ill health and their carers or family. We also support employers and professionals who require our help and advice. 

Our Team of Staff & Volunteers



I have spent the majority of my career in management. I joined Disability Advice North East Suffolk in September 2020 as a Disability Outreach Adviser.

I am now the Manager of our charity and thoroughly enjoy working with our superb dedicated team.

We strive to make a positive impact on peoples lives by advising, assisting and engaging with those in or community with a disability or long term illness.

Employment & Community Engagement Adviser


I am the Workability in Waveney adviser and came on board in September 2018. My background is in managing and mentoring large teams in the retail sector. I have also created and operated my own successful business.

My aim is to use my past experiences to support and enable clients who have a disability to return to work through the Workability project. Through this exciting project I have met a wide range of clients and charities that wish to support and promote our work in our community. I am really enjoying this new role at Disability advice North East Suffolk, and I look forward to working with the community and businesses further.

Disability Adviser


I started working with Disability Advice North East Suffolk

in February 2022 as a Disability Adviser.

I have a background with benefits as well as experience of

working and supporting people in the community. I have a good knowledge of

Housing Issues that I feel can use in this role.

I am based in our office in Lowestoft and will be able to

offer help and advice around benefits, housing. I look forward to meeting people

either at our office or via home visits and supporting people with disabilities

and long term health conditions.

Disability Adviser


I started work with Disability advice North East Suffolk in September 2021 as a Disability Adviser. Previously I worked as an Adviser on education needs for children and young people across Suffolk.

While I have experience of volunteering, this is the first time I have been employed by a charity. I am enjoying being part of a friendly team offering impartial, confidential advice and information on benefits, housing, grants, local groups and opportunities for anyone living with a disability or long term health condition.

I am based in our office in Lowestoft. As the Covid restrictions are lifting I will be working across North East Suffolk, including home visits and attending drop in services at different locations.

I look forward to meeting our clients and their family and carers.

Disability Adviser


I joined Disability North East Suffolk in July 2021 as Disability Outreach Adviser. My previous roles have been working within the NHS and the care sector.

My role within the charity is to provide free, impartial and confidential advice on things like benefits, housing, grants, local groups for anyone living with a disability, long term health condition, along with supporting their family or carers.

I will be based in the office but also out in the community covering all of Waveney , home visits, along with our drop in services at different locations once restrictions allow.

I look forward to working within a friendly team all who have a wealth of knowledge, and we will strive to help and assist however we can.

Disability & Appeals Adviser


I joined Disability Advice North East Suffolk in 2018 as I felt this was the right time for me to progress into the Charity sector. I have a strong Customer Service background, and together with my passionate beliefs about Disability this has been the ideal role for me. I have first-hand experience of the difficulties encountered by people with disabilities – both visible and non-visible. I find it extremely rewarding being able to offer assistance to people that need it.

I work with a fantastic bunch of people and between us all, we are able to offer you the highest standard of Customer Care, advice and assistance.



Hi, I joined Disability Advice North East Suffolk in November 2021 as a volunteer. I have been given the roll as webmaster. I look after their website and the social media and update it when needed.

I Love my tech as it helps me as I am a fulltime wheelchair user. I love being able to give back to Disability Advice North East Suffolk as they have helped me and supported me through the years.

So I am very happy to support the team and others when I am able to do so.



This is my first time as a volunteer with Beth so I am feeling a bit nervous.

I have Downs Syndrome and Mild Autism Spectrum Disorder. I am mature, creative, intelligent, a hard worker, trustworthy, loyal, reliable, patient, caring, sensitive, knowledgeable, good sense of humour and curiosity.

My hobbies and interests are writing, scrapbooking, singing swimming, volunteering, painting, music, gaming, theatre , plays , HP fan and TV. I am here to help people with any type/kind /range of disabilities.

I am here to support as I can, with any awareness months, so I am to make sure everyone gets a chance for respect on anything they require in their lives.

It is the team members choice to have their picture on our website so please respect their choice thank you

General Data Protection Regulation

We just wanted to reassure our clients that we are on the case. In fact, we have always been on the case.

Here is a quick run through how we operate. The only Personal Data we collect is what a client chooses to share with us.

We collect and record Personal Data for the following reasons:

  1. To enable us to provide the right advice
  2. To assist in making or challenging benefits claims

We use anonymised statistics to:

  1. demonstrate the level of need for our service
  2. prove to funders, the Charity Commission, local authorities and other relevant agencies that we are meeting our obligations.

We do not share Personal Data with any other individual or agency without permission from the client.

At any time, a client may:

  • Instruct us to show them what information we hold about them.
  • Instruct us to delete or remove their Personal Data from our records
  • Ask to see our policies about Data Protection and Security

We really hope that reassures anyone who might be concerned, but if you are still worried then please get in touch.


Disability Advice North East Suffolk is a local charity, reliant on generosity and goodwill. If you would like to help us to maintain this valuable service, you can make your donation here.

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