Attendance Allowance

This Is a disability or long-term health condition benefit from people of State Pension

age who are not already receiving PIP or DLA. This is a non-means tested



There are

two components: Lower and Higher, but unlike PUIP and DLA there is no mobility component.

This means that the Attendance Allowance does not facilitate eligibility for

the Blue Badge or the Motability Scheme.

The above is general information only. Please get in touch if you would like to discuss entitlement.

If you are thinking about claiming a higher

rate of benefit to that which you are currently receiving because your

circumstances have changed, then it is important to check matters in more depth

and/or seek advice before proceeding. This is because when the Department for

Work and Pensions are asked to review a person’s benefit entitlement, one of

four things will happen:

It will stay the same

It will go up

It will go down

It will be withdrawn

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